workers compensation lawyer Queens- Accident Law NYC
workers compensation lawyer Queens- Accident Law NYC
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The Shulman Law Firm is all about helping residents in the five boroughs of NYC fight for their workers rights. If you have been injured at the workplace and would like to file a workers compensation claim The Shulman Law Firm is here to help. For years, they have been fighting for New Yorkers to get the compensation they deserve. From workplace accidents, to chemical exposure, to slips and falls they have dealt with it all. Whether your claim need to be taken into the court room or settled out of the court, The Shulman Law Firm will not rest until you are satisfied with the outcome of your claim.Call (718) 852-4700 to schedule your free case consultation.

Is your injury keeping you from getting back to work? Did you know that you have been paying for Social Security Disability taxes for many years? Now that you need disability funds for yourself it is time to claim what is rightfully yours. The Shulman Law Firm can help you navigate through the intricate maze of SSD.
The Shulman Law Firm is conveniently located at two central NYC locations. Our Queens office and our Brooklyn office. Our Brooklyn office can be reached at: Shulman & Hill Workers Compensation Firm  26 Court Street #2100 Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 852-4700 Call today for NYC best free case consultation. Avvo has recognized the The Shulman Law Firm firm on their Avvo Workers Compensation page.

The Shulman law firm is now the Shulman & Hill Work-place injury & Compensation law firm. We would like to welcome managing partner JJ Hill to our team. JJ is an expert at Social Security Disability and many other employment law issues. Learn more by clicking above today

Shulman & Hill: The Recognized NY Workers Attorney's

JJ Hill & Alex Shulman have been recognized by for their excellence in serving the NY community. They made us a profile with a back-round check, our educational history, case history and many other interesting facts. Any firm can make claims about their legal experience but when a 3rd party law resource gives you recognition it is a bit different. Click here and visit the page we are talking about. Learn more about the Alex & JJ difference. If you have been hurt at work & need compensation or have any questions about workers comp, Social Security & Disability, call us now.

Submitting a compensation claim is going to be one of the most important variables on your road to attaining money from the insurance companies. We always advise seeking legal assistance for the workers claim process. If you application is accepted the first time it will save you a big headache. You want to avoid having to appeal a decision using all measures. This is exactly why we always advise seeking legal assistance for a workers claim. So what are you waiting for? Call one of our professionals today and begin the process that will help get your life back on track.

Did you know that JJ & Alex are not the only ones that think they are great. The Better Business Bureau has very recently recognized Shulman & Hill as one of the premier Workers Comp legal team in all of NYC. When you provide great results and fight for your clients like JJ & Alex do it is no wonder that you receive such acclaimed standing at the BBB. We invite you to view the BBB Workers Compensation Lawyer Brooklyn page today. If you need to get compensated for your workplace injury call our legal experts today. Our recognition do not stop here. We are the featured Work injury attorney in the New York district. We provide their clients with impeccable customer service and results and that is why we are so loved by them. Our success in the legal world boils down to the fact that we get denied workers comp claims approved.

Time in and time out working class blue collared citizens are convinced by the employers insurance company that they are not entitled to any compensation and monetary payouts. This is where Shulman & Hill step up to the place and take care of business. If you are like many of our clients, you are running to the doctor injured and in pain and do not understand why your employer is not paying for it. Call us today for a fast and free sit-down consultation where we will explain to you how you can get a hold of the money you always dreamed of.

There is a fabulous directory in the five boroughs that has also recognized our firm for their excellence. This directory claims to use a rigorous 5-point screening method using reviews from the most trusted legal sites in the world. See our spot on the Legal NYC attorneys directory now. When all the major law affiliation sites and review sites say you are the best it may just be because we really are the best. Our firm invites you to come enjoy the Shulman & Hill experience for yourself. Remember, you do not pay a dime until you have been properly reimbursed for all your medical bills and lost time at work.
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