Workers Compensation Claims In Accordance To NY Laws

Worker compensation in New York is a no-fault system where the employee is offered cash benefits and lifetime health care for illnesses and injuries that are work related. Despite its importance, it is unfortunate that even legitimate workers’ compensation claims are denied daily. Thus, it might require a fight for you to beat this system and get the most out of your employer’s insurance even if it requires suing them.

In order to ensure you receive all the benefits, it is crucial to consult a professional attorney that that is knowledgeable and experienced with worker compensation cases. The attorney should be able to fight well to get you all the benefits of an injured worker in New York. So whether you got hurt at a construction site, a store or a warehouse you will need to have an attorney determine how you should proceed. Make sure to first ask some pertinent questions before paying for their services. In fact, it won’t hurt if you can get a free initial consultation where you can first discuss your rights and appraise your case with the attorney. In New York, getting wage replacement benefits as well as medical care is your right as long as the injury or illness is work-related. So, do everything in your power to get it.

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